One in the Chamber

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So I’m one of those guys who loves a kick-butt female lead. This book did not disappoint. I got the chance to take a gander and wow was I surprised.

One in the Chamber has it all.
Interesting characters.
Interesting plot.
Interesting plot twists.
Witty humor.

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The Girl with the Scar (Dark Connection Saga – Book 1)

So THE GIRL WITH THE SCAR is available!

Burned by Fate, Inflamed with Destiny

Genevieve Solace, 15 years-old, has been plagued by inexplicable seizures her entire life, some so violent that she has been rendered unconscious for days at a time.

Hearing of her neurotic episodes, the King’s Raiders have been hunting her, the Girl with the Scar, though she has been able to escape the reach of their hand…until now.

Ripped away from her wearied mother Maria and her cavalier brother Edward, Genevieve is catapulted into an epic journey that is sure to quake the entire kingdom of Kalarn.


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Pack, Part 30: Turning Point 1

Originally posted on The Writing of Brevin Anderson:

Buncombe waited for Justin’s heaving chest to calm. Then, not unkindly, he said, “We have to move. They’ll know he’s gone.”

Justin nodded, his face pale, his hands shivering. He had felt the twist, the twang in the fabric of the world beyond the mundane, as Tobias had breathed his last.

At Justin’s hand.

Daldion clamped down on the thought, ordering Justin to move, to rejoin reality.


He just had to move on. Ignore what he had done—there were lives at stake. His own, Buncombe’s, Amber’s, Francisco’s… Lives that to protect he might have to kill. Such was war.

The Art of War never mentioned this. Never spoke of the numbness and cold that killing brought. The bloody thoughts that rose even as he tried to walk towards the subway line. War had been strategy, impersonal, and a battle of wills—a complicated game. A game.

But as the revelation…

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Pack, Part 25: Countdown

Originally posted on The Writing of Brevin Anderson:

Connor Halling opened his eyes, and refocused on the man speaking. His media advisor—a man who had stuck with him through thick and thin, making the enigma that was Connor Halling likable to the gullible masses.

In other words, a genius.

The man had kept talking, even though Connor’s eyes had been closed. That was a rule to all who worked under the statesman. Never assume. As it were, Connor hadn’t been sleeping, but concentrating. The media advisor had guessed that, but the time for the meeting was at an end.

Connor held up a hand the and man stopped speaking immediately, waiting for orders. “Time’s up. Finish with the event organizer. Changes to the schedule.”

Then Connor waved a dismissive hand. The man disconnected his computer from the projector, picked up his laptop, and exited, heading directly for the office of the heavily-built woman who ran his public events…

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Pack, Part 22: The Prophet(‘s Mind)

Originally posted on The Writing of Brevin Anderson:

It was like Justin imagined leaving a cocoon would feel like. Leaving a warmth and a belonging—to a cold nothing. A place between places, between minds. Death. Ice. Then he was in Daldion’s. It was different, but it was not nothing.

Daldion turned to Justin, golden eyes dull. “The feeling will lessen. The pain will become…normal. It is a cost of traveling the gap between minds—in the Thin Places.”

He turned and led the way.

They floated up the cliff, ignoring gravity—which existed only if they wished it to. It was Daldion’s world—it was as he pleased.

But beyond on the cliff…beyond the mists at the edge and the crag was nothing. Nothing. Blackness.

Justin couldn’t see himself. Couldn’t will light into existence. Couldn’t see Daldion before him, though he could hear the soft pad of pawsteps and the click of Daldion’s nails on the hard ground.

A small light…

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Pack, Part 21: The Judge

Originally posted on The Writing of Brevin Anderson:

“I cannot trust you,” the Judge said, “because you do not know yourself. Your feelings are convoluted.”

Justin was in his mind. The Judge, Rigel, was pacing before him, his dirty-gray coat shimmering.

“I know myself,” Justin said. “I know myself and my enemy.”

Rigel gazed at him. His eyes were deep. They did not invade, but drew. Drawing Justin’s feelings from him. Even though he didn’t know what they were. “And who is your enemy?”

Justin turned away from Rigel’s gaze.

“Ah. You do not know. A wise man once said that your enemy is the shadow of yourself. If you do not know your shadow, you cannot know what makes it.”

“I read that. The Tao right?”

“It is pronounced ‘dao’.”

Justin moved away. “Why are you here? Why when everyone is sleeping?”

A note of amusement tingled in the air between Justin and Rigel. “To…judge you.”


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